Viewing contents in Documentation CHM file (ulibrary.chm)

Author: (Barbara Douma)

A number of users have experienced problems when viewing the contents of the CHM file that has been downloaded from the Documentation page. The Contents pane may be empty, or contain a message such as "This page cannot be displayed" or "Navigation to the web page was cancelled". This is usually the result of a Microsoft security setting that blocks display of CHM files that have been downloaded, or which are located on network drives, or in a location that is not trusted. If you encounter this problem, right-click the ulibrary.chm file, select Properties, then click the Unblock button in the lower right of the Security or General tab. Now open the CHM file again. The Contents pane should now display the requested page. If there is no Unblock button, you can edit the Registry to add the following setting: 


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