Uniface, SQLite and the Solid databases (updated August 2017)

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

SQLite support: With effect from Uniface 9.6.05 we will be delivering SQLite with the Uniface development environment.  SQLite is the ‘out of the box’ development database rather than IBMs solidDB and will be the default at installation time for the development environment.  SQLite is a public domain database which is has transaction support and is widely used by a variety of technologies. A separate Uniface license feature is NOT needed to use the driver.  As a single user database, its ideal for sandbox development, and with the database being held in one file, opens up interesting options in regards to version control. As SQLite is not a multiuser database, it would not be suitable for development sites who use the shared repository development approach. In this case, one of the databases supported on the Uniface PAM would be the solution. IBM solidDB We are continuing to support connectivity to the solidDB database, and will continue to ship a driver for customers who are currently using it in development and deployment. Uniface support will remain at Solid version 6.5 and to the platforms supported by Solid, details can be found here. Uniface will not support Solid connectivity after Uniface 9.7.  We will not continue to distribute solidDB with Uniface. If customers wish to obtain additional solidDB licenses, they can purchase them directly from IBM. More details about Uniface and SQLite can be found in the Uniface documentation.  More details about SQLite can be found on their website www.sqlite.org

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