Browser version support with Uniface Web applications (moved from the Frontline site)

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

We've made a change to the way we support browser versions for Uniface web applications. From April 2013, and for Uniface 9.5 upwards, we will list the versions of browsers that we have carried out our testing of Uniface, and we will give support for all versions of browsers from that version upwards. For a variety of reasons, (security, releasing new features, etc) most browsers are updated frequently and often without a published release schedule. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to keep Uniface current with every version of the mainstream browsers. It should be noted that with this approach, there could be situations were issues are discovered with the latest versions of browsers which we have not verified with Uniface. But our use of the Dojo toolkit has historically minimized these situations. Customers who are using web toolkits other that Dojo will need to work with the relevant toolkit provider to resolve any issues they encounter.

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