Urouter connection issues.

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

We have a setup where our clients are using a urouter on a local machine to route to uservers on the same machine for the most part, however, one set of database files 'live' on a second machine with it's own urouter (over a VPN).

The asn used by the server points the database path to the other machine userver, where there is a corresponding asn directing to the correct database.

So CLIENT.asn->LOCAL_SERVER.asn->VPN_SERVER.asn->MSS Database.

This is working acceptably when everything is up and running, when the VPN connection is lost however, the connection to the VPN server takes upwards of 2 minutes to time out.

I have done trials here, pointing the ASN entry at a non-existent machine and it times out after 3 seconds, if I point it at a machine which has no urouter but which exists on the network it takes 2 minutes to time out.

Can I do anything to speed this up? We can live without refreshing the data until the VPN connection is restored, but 2 minutes is too long to wait to find out the connection is dodgy/down.

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  1. Hi,

    I am using UROUTMON.connect() API call for quick response, where the server is exists, but UROUTER is not avaiable.


    Author: Tibor (horvath.tibor@iqsys.hu)