Exchange web services.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

I am attempting to try to use Exchange web services to list emails and tasks within our Uniface app. I have found a web services wsdl using (where is replaced with our exchange server). Attempting to import this directly using /sti /mwr=ws fails with an access error message file not found. Saving the wsdl file from chrome to the hard drive and importing this using /sti /mwr filename.wsdl:exch_ reports finished, but no signature is generated. 1. Has anyone out there accessed exchange from uniface (not sending mails etc via UPOPMAIL) and what did you use? 2. Any idea why the wsdl import is not producing any error messages or signature entries?


  1. Your google fu is better than mine sensei.  That's got me some signatures, now to see if I can do anything with them. 

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  2. Here we go nine months later. I really need to integrate with exchange, calendar entries, tasks and (potentially) unread mail lists.  Has anyone done this, in any manner whatsoever, or is anyone willing to work with me to try and overcome what seems to be the basic issue of not being able to generate the signature from the WSDL provided? 

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  3. Hi Iain, I found this on the web: In essence, there is no 'service' tag in the WSDL - so you'll have to dump the WSDL to a file and then add the service tag.... I'd have as a guess that's the reason you don't see a signature created... Knut

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  4. As it happens, title notwithstanding, this did not solve the issue. The signature was created, but doesn't work with the exchange W.S.  I was forced, in the end, to create a visual studio wrapper, incorporating some tools I found on the web to interface. This is beginning to sound like a theme, we've had to do this with crystal reports, and a variety of other things to get Uniface to integrate. 

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  5. Hi Iain, Thanks for the info. It would be interesting to know what the exact problem was. We just had a similar case and that particular customer did manage to use the Web Service of their Exchange 2007 server with the Uniface SOAP connector. They also had to add a service tag to the WSDL, since it was missing. And in addition they had to make some changes to the dependent xsd files (because there was a problem with case sensitivity). Hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel

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