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Hello all,

I need to call-out some standard functions on Windows Mobile device from my Uniface application; but I seem to fail... is there any easy solution? So far, I have found the only possibility to call-out to .NET via COM, which seems not to be the best solution. So....

1) is there any easy way to call-out a standard .NET object/functionality? (Make an object, use object, destroy object.), e.g. SoundPlayer Class (in System.Media, system.dll).


2) is there any way to call-out a standard Windows Mobile function, e.g. PlaySound (located in library coredll.lib)?

We do not want to write our own interface/wrapper/application in .NET (C#) and call-out from Uniface to our application just to call a system function.

Using Uniface Mobile 9.3.01 on Windows Mobile 5.0.

Any help appreciated (in advance). :-)

Zdenek Socha

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  1. Hi Zdenek,

    perhaps you can find some hints at:

    Success, Uli

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