recommendation: Uniface Lectures Webinar: Unicode & UTF-8 171026

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

I attenden Arjens webinar this morning. And if you are after a very detailed guidance about all the details under the hood of UniFACE and UniCODE, the different character sets, codepages, "Locale", don't hesitate to register for the evening session at 16:00. Thanks again for this splendid presentation, Uli


  1. Thank you very much Uli, Coming from you, as one of our regular attendees, especially for the morning Lecture sessions, I consider this a big thumbs up. It's an interesting and versatile topic, for all Uniface 9 and 10 versions. It's also a large topic on which we not have touched every angle yet, so there might be material left for another Lecture in the future. Best regards, Arjen

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  2. Just got the info that the recording (of the evening session) is available on youtube: It's pretty nice to see all the examples demonstrated at the end of this session (from 1:08 onwards) like what it needs to append arabic texts in the formula 1 application. In the morning session, we run out of time.   So another recommandation: even if you attended the morning session: watch the youtube recording digging for additional infomation.

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  3. Thanks again for listing this Uli, Indeed a small demo has been added to the afternoon session, and therefore this session made it to YouTube. Best regards, Arjen

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