DayAfter CU2008 - Uniface 9.4 what your Opinion ?

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Are U94 and you going in the same direction? Will 9.4 satisfy your need? Need more? Need something different? ...Rya and SaaS will be surely important, but not appliable to all business processes. I'd Like to have some Client/server enhancement too. (Auto resizable grid columns, .net call in-call-out...)


  1. This fair has truely been web based :) ... But well ... this is just my world and where i move. Of course the normal Client-Server improvements should not be left out. Some improvements have been shown (dynamic labels as an example) and i guess there is much more to explore which i actually didnt catch. Personally it would please me to see Compuware open the more technical stuff where a developer finally can take advance of. It's not my aim to propagate GIVE-US-MORE-INTERFACES-TO-OTHER-PRODUCTS. Surely this could be nice but what about the key features and main-goal of Uniface!? I want it to stay as the BACKEND that i can rely on! More features to modify data, handling internals and LESS 3GL-SOLUTIONS is what i'm talking about. So far from me- more opinions please! cheers -GHAN-

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  2. It would be nice to get more c/s stuff as well. Most new project are on the web but there still is a lot of c/s applications that need to be maintained and improved. I just played with the new deployment options and that is really good stuff for c/s as well. And already available in Uniface 9.3 !

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  3. a small correction on the interfaces stuff, G?nther. As all of us know, there is a big difference between the different IDF editors and the "best of breed" editors on the market; this is natural because UNIFACE is not a code editor in the first place. What I am shooting for is that IDF provides a single(!) adapter where one can plugin the editor he feels most productive with. Take eclipse, firefox, web 2.0; the world is full of applications supporting plug-ins so they can meet users expectations. I agree with you 100% that in the kernel area, CPWR has to be the one providing better and more reliable processing. But: one of the best things even in the old Uniface is the 3GL interface which gives you a chance to add all kinds of data processing YOU need to the 4GL features. Uli Merkel

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