Replies to some questions poped during the webex

Author: (Gerton Leijdekker)

All,   I received some questions during the webex but I did not get a change to answer them, so I;'ll be trying to do here...

  • Q: Availability timeline please?
  • A: We plan a candidate release at the end of this year and the first public available release beginning next year.
  • Q: We have around 3000+ forms. How will the editor handle searching and opening this amount of forms?
  • A: Navigating large amounts of objects supports a paging mechanism allowing you fetch more and more hits from the database. Next to navigation we allow entering the object name directly and we provide a repository search. The search will report in the form of URL in the footer section of the IDE from which you can click to open the editor.
  • Q: Is there a beta/ctp available?
  • A: We will have an candidate release at the end of this year. It is not a beta, which does not mean we are not open to any feedback, because we are. I guess, problems are reported using either the regular processes. Maybe we'll have for a limited amount of time a separate (easier?) process. (sounds a like a beta?). I do not know yet.

  If you more questions, please drop them here and I will try to answer them. If you feel I do not respond quick enough (we have to do some work as well), I have no problem that you drop me an email: Gerton


  1. Just to add some more info to Gerton's points.  There will be a workshop covering Uniface 10 at some of the user groups, starting with the US one in Las Vegas. So this is a chance to get your hands on the product and of course give us feedback and suggestions.  We've paid a lot of attention to the performance of the IDE in regards to the number of objects that are in some Uniface applications out there. We've implemented automated tests, which are designed to capture if we get deteriorations in the scalability.  We are now very much in the approach of regular Uniface updates being built. We started this with Uniface 9.6, and internally we are doing the same with Uniface 10, hence the reason why we have the online sessions and we show at the various user events and Lab visits. Once Uniface 10.01 is GA, we'll be updating it regularly, so it gives us the opportunity to respond to feedback. 

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