Location of Uniface caf? Spring 2012 edition

Author: lammersma@hotmail.com (lammersma)

Hi all, The winter 2012 edition of the Uniface caf? was a success. In a caf? near the Uniface HQ in Amsterdam we welcomed over 45 visitors. It was great to meet all the Uniface people, some of the Lab guru's were there too. I wish I had my personal Uniface wishlist up to date! This was the change to negotiate the hidden features in version 9.6. Unfortunately I came unprepared! On April 12 2012 the next edition takes place. Ofcourse we can go to Amsterdam again, but it would be very nice to meet the developers of the Uniface endusers. Perhaps in the north (Groningen?) or the east (Arnhem of Enschede?) part of The Netherlands? Just let us know! BTW, I am very happy to hear from Sten-Erik we inspired the Nordic area with this Uniface caf? initiative. Hopefully we see the Uniface caf? appear everywhere in the world where Uniface is used. Have an inspiring day! Kind regards, Peter Lammersma

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