Using the license included on the Uniface 10 Web Edition distribution. (updated 26 June)

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

The Uniface 10 Web Edition install kit includes a license which will enable use until the end of July 2015. Included features are:

  • Usage of the Uniface 10 IDE
  • Usage of Uniface’s Application Server, Web Application Server and Data Server for testing purposes
  • SQLite as DBMS for the repository
  • SQLite as DBMS for Application Data in a test environment 

To activate the license on your local machine, follow these steps:

  1. Unarchive the electronic distribution file (zip) After unarchiving you will find the file license.xml in the subfolder folder uniface_license Note: this license is a node-locked license, which allows the product to run on a single workstation; it does not require a License Service to manage license checkout.
  2. Install the Uniface 10 Web Edition IDE Note: there is no need to install the Uniface Distributed License Manager Server
  3. Copy the uniface.xml file to a folder of your choice Note: Make sure this folder is accessible by the urouter and userver account
  4. Open the file {Uniface Install Root}\common\adm\usys.asn in an editor
  5. Add the following line to the [SETTINGS] section:

$LICENSE_OPTIONS  = LM_LICENSE_FILE=Location where Location is the path to the uniface.xml license file, enclosed by quotes. Examples: $LICENSE_OPTIONS  LM_LICENSE_FILE=” C:\Program Files (x86)\Uniface\Uniface 10.1.01\common\license\uniface.xml” $LICENSE_OPTIONS  LM_LICENSE_FILE=”C:\Temp\uniface.xml” If there are questions on the licensing aspect of Uniface 10, please post them in this forum. 


  1. Hello, How is the license limited? Is there a time limit after installation, a due date, or just limited to the early version? Kind regards, Richard

    Author: richard.gill (
  2. Hello Richard   Open the license.xml file in uniface_license to see the answer: It is a trial license for Uniface 10 on Windows valid until 30-jul-2015.   Kind regards Peter Beugel Sr. Technical Support Analyst Uniface B.V.

    Author: PBeugel (
  3. It's limited in time (see above) and limited in the sense that the license only enables SQLite as storage engine for the Uniface repository and for application data.  In the Product Availability Matrix you will find that the Uniface 10 Web Edition also supports Oracle 12c and MS SQL 2012. If you have a need to store the Uniface repository or your application's data in either of these DBMS's, contact your account manager to request a license that includes these DBMS connectors. Henk van der Veer Program Manager Uniface 10

    Author: Henk van der Veer (
  4. Thank you all for your replies

    Author: richard.gill (
  5. Ive added $LICENSE_OPTIONS  LM_LICENSE_FILE=”C:\Temp\license.xml” into usys.asn and it dosnt work :( No license... :( íf I load license in DML license looks OK... Running under Windows 8.1 Any suggestions..

    Author: dammie (
  6. Hi,   From the surface it looks like you've followed the steps correctly. Please note that in the mean time you should have requested & downloaded version 10.1.02 for a valild license.   Couple of questions:

    • Can you confirm that you've put the line in the [SETTINGS] section?
    • Can you confirm you've edited the correct usys.asn file? (Put some rubbish in the file and check whether an error is reported at startup of the IDE).

    If the above are correct, please forward the license file you've been using to us, so we can verify the behavior.   Regards, Henk van der Veer

    Author: Henk van der Veer (
  7. C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface 10.1.02 64 bit\common\adm\usys.asn logging added to uniface.log on path where license.xml is... [SETTINGS] $PUTMESS_LOG_FILE=C:\temp\uniface.log $LICENSE_OPTIONS=LM_LICENSE_FILE="c:\temp\license.xml" $language               CEN $keyboard=MSWINX_1250 $display=MSWIN3_1250 $def_charset=cp1250 $sys_charset=cp1250 $search_resources       resources_only [RESOURCES] usys:usys.uar [FILES] ulibrary.chm      usysuniface:doc\ulibrary.chm [USER_3GL] C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface 10.1.02 64 bit\common\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll (JNI_CreateJavaVM) Directory with license is accessible cos uniface.log is working... [startup] ====================================================================== [startup] Date/time : 2015-09-30 08:40:48.66 [startup] Uniface   : [MSW],  (Jul  9 2015), $ioprint=0 [startup] Command   : "C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface 10.1.02 64 bit\common\bin\ide.exe" , pid=10080 [startup] Directory : C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface 10.1.02 64 bit\common\bin\ [startup] OS        : Windows 8  (Build 9200) [startup] Processor : Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 6050 Mb [startup] Hostname  : PC445 [startup] User      : tester [startup] ====================================================================== 2015-09-30 08:40:48.62 - Uniface session started Checkout of license feature UDEVW64 failed, reason: The application that was requested is not licensed. Borrowed :: The application that was requested is not licensed. c:\temp\license.xml :: The application that was requested is not licensed. Grace :: The application that was requested is not licensed. compulock :: The application that was requested is not licensed. Fatal error: 8011 - License not available. Fatal error: 8011 - License not available. 2015-09-30 08:40:48.70 - Uniface session stopped And if license checked in DLM seems ok, see picture attached... Cry

    Author: dammie (
  8. Hi, Thanks for the additional info. The problem here is that there currently is no 64-bit version of the IDE (Development Environment) - and therefore no license feature for a 64-bit IDE (UDEVW64). The 64-bit version of the Uniface 10 Web Edition only includes the runtime environment. So please install the 32-bit version and chose the suite "Development 32-bit". Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel Iseli

    Author: diseli (