How do I debug the UAS (Urouter)

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Hi! I'm using som services in uniface via UAS. Does anyone here now how to set ut the config to let me debug the server process?

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  1. Hi there, in order to debug the URouter you need to raise the IOPRINT setting in your urouter.asn: ----8<------------------ [SETTINGS] $putmess_logfile = C:\USYS9\log\urouter.log $ioprint=255 ----8<------------------ This could look like the above. Simply state $IOPRINT=255 (or whatever Loglevel is desired- see Uniface Help for the details) and define WHERE the logfile has to be saved ($putmess_logfile). After every change restart the urouter and look at the logfile. If this is clean, then change over to the SERVICE Log (i.e. wasv). Do the same in there and keep an eye upon how much is logged. several cases: 1) UROUTER.LOG is written, contains no complains ==> OK, fine, next look at the service-logfile (WASV whatever) 1.1) WASV.LOG is written, looks good! ==> STOP reading further :) 1.2) WASV.LOG is NOT written, crap! ==> seems to be a UROUTER-CAN'T/WON'T-START USERVER.EXE ... look at the assignments (ASN-files aswell as the Tomcat stuff)! After that restart the uROUTER service and start over! 2) UROUTER.LOG is written, some mess is stated ==> Fix that, and afterwards restart services and GOTO "several cases" ... basicly this is it! maybe this is helpfull for you! Be aware of the user (for userver, look at the tomcat web.xml and related stuff) has the fitting rights on the machine! Good luck to you -GHAN- (... Has Another Name - NOT!)

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