Citrix and Terminal Services Problems with Uniface 8.

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Hello all,

Recently, we have upgraded two of our clients. Our application is deployed over Citrix using Uniface 8.4.05 at one client site and the other site deploys the application over Terminal Services using Uniface 8.4.06. I have found that the client server functionality in both areas does not function correctly when the seamless setting has been turned on. Below are some of the problems I have experienced.
Uniface 8.4.05 client server deployed over Citrix
1.       When keying information into a client server form, it seems like the form loses focus mid way through entering information. For example, when I have completed entering a value in a field and I tab to the next field, I cannot enter anymore data into the field. I need to accept out of the form and re open the form. This will then allow me to enter information again. However, the form loses focus randomly and not on any specific field on the form.
2.       Sometimes when accept is pressed, the application shuts down into the task bar.
Uniface 8.4.06 client server deployed over Terminal Services
1.       The client server form allows for drop down lists to be selected by left clicking the down arrow on the right had side of the drop down list. Once the items are displayed the user cannot highlight an option and select it through mouse click. However, the user is able to select the item by highlighting it with the mouse pointer and pressing the enter key.
By turning off seamless settings the application functions correctly. However, this option is not feasible for our clients. I have contacted Compuware help desk for support but to my surprise found that Citrix and Terminal Services are not officially supported by Compuware so they were no help. Has anyone else experienced these problems and if so is there a resolution to the problem.
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  1. Hi Peter,

    I am currently on site at a clients location migrating a Uniface application from Uniface 7.2.06 to 9.3..02. Apart from normal (fat-)client/server use this application is also deployed over Citrix (version 4). The application was deployed over Citrix only a few years back, while the application itself is about 15 years old.

    I have asked my Citrix sysadmin about this "seamless settings". It is a setting that emulates a complete desktop, without extra Citrix functions, right? We use this setting to. Under both Uniface versions we have never experienced the problems you are having. Is it possible that you are having a mix-up where some of your function keys are now adressing Citrix functions instead of Uniface <USER_KEY> functions?

    My Citrix sysadmin told me that Citrix versions lower than version 4 did have problems, but version 4 works well.

    I hope that I have at least contributed to narrow down your problem. I also encourage other community members to share their views and experiences with Uniface and Citrix.

    Regards, Arjen

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