Minimized App and Print/Preview

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today we faced a nice situation. We have an application which starts some longer processing. The end of this processing is an Report with print/preview.

Meanwhile the process run, the user minimized the application. When uniface tries to produced the preview the complete application hangs.

Only chance is to kill the application.

Does someone faced similar and have a solution? Like automatic resize the application screen.

Of course on solution can be to disable the minimize option in the start-up shell, but I am looking for another solution.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    for me, it looks like the duty of CPWR to solve the problem.

    Because there is no separation between the "print" and the "preview",

    the only potential workaround I see is the following:

    Paint a dummy entity at the bottom of the screen with a field.

    In the <OGF> place a

    if ($printing) perform "restore_applwindow"


    HTH, SUccess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Thomas. To restore Uniface in this situation you have to use windows task manager. In process tab select Uniface and then select "switch to". No needs to kill Uniface. Hope this help

    Author: ezioze (
  3. Hi all,

    The swith to in the task manager unfortunately doesn't help. The application doesn't react.

    So what we do, before the first reports is called, we start a modal form, with only some text and a button to inform the user that printing begin. Than the user has to react and has to restore the app-window, before the preview starts.

    It is a workaround, not really nice but It works.

    @Uli: I will test your spawn this week.

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