What is udbg.cnf file?

Author: roelvp@hotmail.com (roelvp)

Hello everybody,


I have this small file in my workingdirectory; udbg.cnf. How can I move the file location? I tried a path setting in my idf.asn, but that did not work.




  1. Hi

    This file contains your Debugger settings. Yes you can move it with assignations, from two points :

    • usys.asn, whith is read by all uniface client programs
    • udbg.asn, which you create, and is read by de program of the same name (the debugger does not read idf.asn)

    The assignation is in the [FILES] section. It can be helpful to rename the file too

    udbg.cnf = usysadm:udbg.conf

    I use this in all my 'adm' directories, it works like a charm.


    Author: richard.gill (richard.gill@agfa.com)
  2. Thanks! Your solution work like a charm. But can I move this file to a user related place, like %userprofile% on a Windows machine?



    Author: roelvp (roelvp@hotmail.com)
  3. Hi

    The assignation is the same than for other files, the same technic is used.

    Thus, yes you can assign it to any location you want. But you've the limitation of static assignation files : you can't use environment variable for redirection, such as %USERPROFILE%. This functionnality is stacked as a wish for future Uniface evolutions, but for now, it's not possible.

    The only pseudo-variables you can use in assignation files are those defined by Uniface :

    • usysadm
    • usys

    And from the latest versions (Uniface 9) :

    • usysbin
    • usyslib
    • usyscommon
    • usysuniface
    • usyswhateveryouwant : defined in the [paths] section of your ini file

    Best regards,

    Author: richard.gill (richard.gill@agfa.com)
  4. Thanks Richard.

    Author: roelvp (roelvp@hotmail.com)