Exceptional I/O error

Author: satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com (Satheesh)



When I am trying to retrieve the entity (Entity B), the retrieval fails with $status -3.

In the same local proc I could able to retrieve some other entity (Entity A) with $status as 0, before this retrieval failure.

Can anyone give the idea to solve this issue.


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  1. Hello Satheesh.B,

    take a look at your message frame (Gold+m). It seems to be that your database definition for this entity does not fit to the definition in your uniface model.


    For Example:

    You have not the same amount of fields in model and database or there are differences between the fieldnames (model/database)

    best wishes


    Author: marc.hoffmann (mhoffmann@versorgungskammer.de)
  2. Hello Marc


    Thanks for your idea. This is really valid.

    But in my case I have changed the $datapath in asn file and it is working fine.




    Author: Satheesh (satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com)