How to delete a cookie and server variable using USP code

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Can someone please provide some example USP code that shows how to delete a cookie and server variable?

I've tried the following but it doesn't seem to work (though I'm not sure since I don't have the tools to read cookies available right now):

;All local variables are strings
;TV_COOKIESOUT already contains a valid cookie from existing code
;Cookie to delete is JSESSIONID
;Server variable to delete is REMOTE_USER

$webinfo("cookiesout") = TV_COOKIESOUT



  1. Hello,

    this way seems to be good.

    the following code delete the cookie named MYCOOKIE:

    $webinfo("cookiesout") = "MYCOOKIE=·!·;"


    With firefox you can use the extension "Web Developer" to scan the cookies.


    Hope this help,



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  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Am I correct in saying it can be extended as follows:

    $webinfo("cookiesout") = "MYCOOKIE1=·!·;MYCOOKIE2=·!·;MYCOOKIE3=·!·;"

    Also, any idea how to delete a server variable called REMOTE_USER?
    Unfortunately I can't install firefox because I'm not working locally on my PC.

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  3. I have done a test.

    This method only empties the cookies to delete them, instead use:

    $1 = "·;expires=0"
    putitem/id $webinfo("COOKIESOUT"), "MYCOOKIE1", $1
    putitem/id $webinfo("COOKIESOUT"), "MYCOOKIE2", $1
    putitem/id $webinfo("COOKIESOUT"), "MYCOOKIE3", $1




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  4. Good morning fellers,

    the deletions of the JSESSIONID wont be that easy ... but in theory your approach is correkt. I take the Cookies-IN list, drop the unwanted cookies and push it back to COOKIES-OUT.

    First, we need to look at, where the Cookie is coming from. Usually the Tomcat sets this in the REALM of its URL. Uniface itself runs on another realm (/uniface/wrd/run etc) and so the path differs. I think you wont get the Cookie deleted from within Uniface . The only cookies you CAN delete are those, you set from within Uniface as the realm is the same.

    If this against experience will do, then let me know :)

    The server variable wont be deleteable as it is an information coming from the server and resides in the CGI-Environment.

    Hope this helps you to get along :)


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