Anyone running Uniface 7.2.06 on Win Server 2008R2 with Oracle 9 database ?

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Is there anybody who can confirm the combination of Uniface 7.2.06 on Win Server 2008R2 with Oracle 9 database is working ? And if so can you provide me some information and tips such as which Oracle client I should use and which Uniface Ora9xxx.dll and so on? Any information you can remember is very welcome ! We have to use this combination for a temporary period of max 1 year due to hardware problems and the transition to a newer version in the future.


  1. Hi Jurgen, I've dug into my local archive and found the Uniface PAM (Product Availability Matrix) for Uniface 7.2.06. 7.2.06 together with service pack S603 should work fine with Oracle 9i and Oracle 9i version 2 (which of the two do you have? 'SELECT version FROM V$INSTANCE' should answer that). Whether you have the service pack: In Uniface IDF the menu option Help->About Uniface should reveal something, or otherwise check for a s603w32.txt file in the installation directory of Uniface. The correct Uniface 7.2.06 driver for Oracle would be U4.3, so please put ORA=U4.3 in the [DRIVER_SETTINGS] section of your ASN file. One disclaimer: the PAM 7.2.06 only goes so far as Windows 2000 Server, because Server 2003 and successors were all in the far distant future back thenWink On the topic of Oracle client software:

    • I've always understood that Oracle Client software is backward compatible, so in theory you could use an Oracle 12 client to connect to an Oracle 9 database (perhaps if your majority of databases is already on Oracle 12, only this one not)
    • Whether you need Oracle client software (and where) depends on your total configuration, i.e. do you use Polyserver etc.

    Best Regards, Arjen van Vliet Solution Consultant Uniface B.V.

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  2. Hi Jurgens, As I told in another answer I have an important customer still on 7.2.06.z049 (latest U7) working with Oracle client as minimun... The best thing to do is to upgrade Oracle client to (latest Oracle 9.2 client version available AFAIK). @Arjen: Oracle officially support Oracle client as compatible with previous, current and next Oracle Server...but there are exceptions and extensions to this basic rule. Best thing to do is look for "Product Certification Matrix" on Oracle Technology Network site. Best Regards, Gianni

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  3. Gianni: Thanks for the detailed Oracle info, lets's keep sharing and learning from eachother Laugh

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