Upopmail & Exchange

Author: bignonj@gmail.com (Bignon)



I try to send email with upopmail ( uniface 7206, exchange server) but that doesn't work.

I've a login, a password and a smtp adress.

I put :

activate "upopmail".sendmail(vSmtp, vListe, text, vFile, 0) -> Error -9

I try before :

activate "upopmail".logonmail(vSmtp,vLogin,vPassword) -< Error -9


The upopmail signature hasn't got the operation setsecurity... Is there a new signature Upopmail ?






  1. Hi Jerome,

    is POP3 and SMTP enabled on the Exchange Server ?


    The password option for SMTP was introduced after V7 (I think in V9).


    Sucess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Hi Uli,

    SMTP to send a email and POP3 to receive.

    .... ?

    I think I can't make that with my Uniface version ... Arghhh !


    thanks for you response.

    Author: Bignon (bignonj@gmail.com)
  3. Hi Jerome,

    I checked the code and my experiments I made in 7.2.04.
    I created my own sIgnature variation of the upopmail.dll.
    I had to enable POP3 and SMTP in my email provider.

    Password protected SMTP:

    I started with LOGONMAIL to transmit the password
    before I used the sendmail.

    And it looked like the adressee has to be "known" by the email-account.

    So far my experiences.

    I f you need more (my german notes), please send me an email.

    Success, Uli




    Trigger <LPMX> from Form: DEMO_UPOPMAIL

    ******        entry FORM_INIT
         1           $formtitle = "%%$componentname%%% by UME 050413 UPOPMAIL Functionality (UPOPMAIL.DLL in EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL)"
         2        end ;
    ******        entry LP_DISPATCH
         1        params
         2           string p_sFIELDNAME : IN
         3        endparams
         4           selectcase (p_sFIELDNAME)
         5-1            case 'p1'
         6-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."LOGONMAIL"(X_SERVER,X_USERNAME,X_PASSWORD)
         7-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
         8-1            case 'p2'
         9-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."LOGOFFMAIL"()
        10-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
        11-1            case 'p3'
        12-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."LISTMAIL"(X_LISTINFO)
        13-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
        14-1               call RELIST_LISTINFO(X_LISTINFO, X_RELISTINFO)
        15-1               clear/e "DUMMY"
        16-1               getlistitems/id X_RELISTINFO,P_PICK, X_MSG_LISTINFO
        17-1            case 'p4'
        18-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."GETMAIL" %\
        18-1                      (X_MESSAGENR,".\",0,X_HEADER_LIST,X_TEXT,X_ATT_LIST)
        20-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
        21-1            case 'p5'
        22-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."DELETEMAIL" %\
        22-1                      (X_MESSAGENR)
        24-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
        25-1            case 'p6'
        26-1               activate "EMA_UPOPMAIL_DLL"."SENDMAIL" %\
        26-1                      (X_SMTP_SERVER,X_HEADER_LIST,X_TEXT,X_ATT_LIST,0)
        28-1               message "Funktion:%%p_sFIELDNAME%%%  $status:%%$status%%%"
        29-1         endselectcase
        30        end ; LP_DISPATCH
    ******        entry RELIST_LISTINFO
         1        params
         2           string p_lLISTINFO       : IN
         3           string p_lLISTINFOINLIST : OUT
         4        endparams
         5        variables
         6           string v_lTEMPLIST
         7           string v_sTEMPITEM
         8           string v_sTEMPID
         9        endvariables
        10           v_lTEMPLIST = ""
        11           while (p_lLISTINFO != "")
        12-1            getitem v_sTEMPITEM,p_lLISTINFO,1
        13-1            delitem p_lLISTINFO,1
        14-1            if (IDPART(v_sTEMPITEM) = 'nmb')
        15-2               if (v_lTEMPLIST != "")
        16-3                  putitem/id p_lLISTINFOINLIST,"MSG-%%v_sTEMPID%%%",v_lTEMPLIST
        17-3               endif
        18-2               v_sTEMPID = VALUEPART(v_sTEMPITEM)
        19-2               v_lTEMPLIST = ""
        20-2            endif
        21-1            putitem v_lTEMPLIST,-1,v_sTEMPITEM
        22-1         endwhile
        23           if (v_lTEMPLIST != "")
        24-1            putitem/id p_lLISTINFOINLIST,"MSG-%%v_sTEMPID%%%",v_lTEMPLIST
        25-1         endif
        26        end ; RELIST_LISTINFO

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  4. Hi Jerome,

    just went through my eMailing notes from 2002 and found a remark:

    Because the upopmail.dll uses no uniface 3GL features,
    the use of it does NOT depend on a Uniface Version.

    So it may be worth a test if the V9 UPOP.DLL can help you even with Uniface 7

    Sucess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  5. ... and another point:

    Looks like I had no success with a company-internal SMTP-Server
    unless I entered the IP-Adress instead of the SMTP servers name.

    Good Luck,


    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  6. Hi Jerome,

    even the presentation is on V9, perhaps the following video may help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ZFotGnQ5U

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  7. Yes Uli, I saw that !

    But my LogonMail and my Sendmail don't work with Exchange. A problem with the Smtp Adress ?


    It works well with a POP3 test server !

    ... ?


    To follow


    thank you again for your help.


    Author: Bignon (bignonj@gmail.com)
  8. We never really managed to get authenticated SMTP to work on version 7. We have mostly given up even on version 9, but I must admit to not having tried it recently. Are you sure the Exchange server is configured for SMTP transfer? It is defaulted to off, if I remember correctly.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  9. please use you local CPWR contact for assistance. I'm sure their professional services team will solve your problem.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  10. hi Uli, i am also trying to send a mail using upopmail signature, i am using the localhost as a SMTP server and tried to send a mail to my gmail account and my exchange account. but so far no success...Cry can you please help me?

    Author: Aniket Vats (ani.genx@gmail.com)