[SOLVED] Module Section not showing operations, triggers and entries

Author: ablancouribe@compuamerica.com.ve (bioalexy)

Hello, I'm having an issue where the Module Section on the Script tab is not loading the operations, triggers and entries. The project is on a different environment than the uniface installation default, what could I be doing wrong in the configuration of my project? Thanks and regards


  1. Hi Mike, The .cmi files were missing because I didn´t redirected the path in my assigment file to the right folder. Thanks for the help!!!

    Author: bioalexy (ablancouribe@compuamerica.com.ve)
  2. FAIK in U10.3, the module section is filled with the result of the LAST COMPILE. So as long as you have not compiled, the field is empty.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  3. The module section of the Write script tab shows the modules used by the component after the compiler has resolved inheritance. As a developer, you can define modules in many places - Component, Sub-Subtype, Subtype, Supertype as well as in a referenced include script module. As it is the compiler that resolves the Uniface inheritance model, it is this that populates the screen, however, once you have compiled the component the list will remain, even over sessions. The benefit of this is that it shows what will be used at runtime rather than only what is defined locally. If you double-click a module in this window, you will navigate to the modules definition even if it is another object. To find your local procs, you should look to the component level. There is also another list which does not rely on the compiler showing the modules defined directly in the container. If you hover over an item in structure tree of the write script worksheets, you will see a little arrow appear to the right of the objects name. Clicking the arrow will pop up a window showing all the modules currently defined directly in the object's container.

    Author: Mike Taylor (michael.taylor@uniface.com)
  4. Of course is compiled!!! I'm even testing the DSPs on the browser.

    Author: bioalexy (ablancouribe@compuamerica.com.ve)
  5. Is it just the one component or all? Has there been a .cmi file created in the project folder (or wherever they have been redirected to)?

    Author: Mike Taylor (michael.taylor@uniface.com)