U10.3: in generation of IDE.ASN "project/project/" used for $resources_output

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Note: the space in front of resources is necessary to avoid text corruption, haven't found a better way so far The Installation of U10.3 generates in the IDE.ASN the $resources_output as:

$resources_output D:\USYS103_PROJECTS\project\project\  resources\

The previous U10.2 has generated the path correctly as:

$resources_output D:\USYS10201_PROJECTS\project\ resources\


  1. Created Jira issue UNI-12434 for this.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  2. Tried to reproduce the problem, but for me everything seems to work correctly. Have sent screenshots of my reproduction scenario to you (Uli). If anybody else has had the same problem, please provide details. Regards, Theo Neeskens

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  3. Hi Theo,
    I smuggled the additional "project" into the setup:

    Location of User Data:


    Good that I kept a copy of the overview for my document.
    Sorry, the blame is on me,

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  4. No problem. Jira issue closed.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)