U10f219 looks like edit/menu doesn't work as before

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

I have a (semi-hidden) form where I simulate keystrokes using the macro statement $prompt = CODE_BUFFER.<$entname> macro "^SELECT^TEXT^SAVE" ; saves text in clipboard, only in UNIFIELD at the end of the EXEC, I enter dialog mode with edit/menu where the menu trigger consists on a simple trigger menu macro "^ACCEPT" end   IIRC, this worked pretty well even under 10.2 (created it early last year), but it looks like one of the recent patches causes some strange behaviour: After this edit/menu, the form is visible now, but as soon as I enter for example the GOLD key (only this one, perhaps some other keys as well), I see in the debugger that the macro inside the menu trigger is executed and the form is left.   P.S. if you need a minimalistic testform for reproduction, send me an email, Uli

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