How2 make one field in a DB-entity "non-database"?

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

In a db-entity, I need to specify one field as "non-database". In U9, it's just setting "Characteristics" to Non-Database. But in my U10.2.02f212, there is no characteristics at field level.   How do I set a single field to non-database? TIA, Uli


  1. Set the "Is External" property of the field to false. This property defines whether a field is included in any data communication outside of the component (external), database I/O is also considered 'external' communication (entity/occurrence parameters are also considered 'external' communication). This is the equivalent of not-in-database. Note that only modeled fields can be 'external' in the first place (an entity descriptor is needed which is generated from the modeled definitions); non-modeled fields (often called dummy fields) are by definition not external. Hope this help, Gerton

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  2. Hi Gerton, thank you for the fast reply. Am I right that even under u9, non-database fields (even if modeled and populated in the read trigger) are not passed to an entry or another component with the occurence or entity parameter, so the "Is External" will not  change the behaviour under U9?   TIA, Uli

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  3. sorry, my fault: occurrences or entities can not be parameters on entries. But will we have the same processing in U9 and U10 between components ? and will these fields be included with their values in the putlistitems/occ ? I will check against 10.2.02, but the important bit is what will happen in 10.3 TIA again, Uli

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