U10F208: closing "x" out of sight when added TAB exceeds the viewport, no useable scrollbar

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Looks like there is a little BUG in supporting the TABs Scenarion: The already open TABs in U10 IDE nearly fills up the screen. Opening a new object  causes that only part of the TAB is visible, but not the "x" to close the object. The "invisible" scrollbar can not be used to slide the "x" into view. Only when opening an additional object, the new TAB is shown up to the very end and the "invisible" scrollbar can be used as well. Deleting this helper open, the rightmost TAB will be shown completely and the scrollbar can be used. Looks like there is no check if the end of the newly created TAB exceeds the screen/viewport. BTW: reducing the size of the application window down from maximize doesn't trigger a recalculation of TABS either, we do not get an active scrollbar if it was not active before. Well, the "Close Editor" popup-menu when hovering the TAB may be seen as a temporaty fix in case of the added object, but I think in case of reducing the application window etc. a properly enabled scrollbar and complete display of the active TAB should be implemented

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