copy/paste from U10editor to WinWord looses highliting

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Right now, I experiment with the transfer of U9 implementation patterns to U10. This is (as usual) documented in some WinWord document including some code parts. So I have code from the U9 next to code from the U10 environment. If I Copy&Paste code from the U9 editor, the clipboard preserves the highliting so the code in the document is easy to read. Doing the same in U10, the clipboard only contains unformatted text, so the additional convenience for the reader of the document is gone. Would it be possible (beside the current "unformatted Text" and "unformatted Unicode Text") to add another option to the clipboard with the same formatting as we got in U9 (including centered-dot for GOLD chars). It would make all kind of quoting code in documents much easier to create as well as to digest.

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