Inconsistent and / or lacking drag / drop

Author: (Knut)

For example, in defining a field in an entity, selecting the 'template' of for example numeric field, I cannot drag the selected object into the list of fields - I have have to drop the object on the entity itself. At that moment in time the field is added to the end of the list of fields. However, when I focus on a field in the list of fields, and right click, I get the option to insert from resource browser either before or after the current field. It would be logical to be able to drop the field where I want to in the field list, not having to drop it on the entity itself.

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  1. Knut, This may be a matter of perception? It's absolutely positively possible to add a field to an entity by dragging a template from the Resource Browser into the field list and determine its position. See the short movie below.   Henk van der Veer  

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