Mind username/passwords on U10 installation on a Box together with "older" installations

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

When we install U10 Enterprise on a box with existing (u7, u8, u9) uniface installations, we have to set the passwords for "userver" and "urouter" to the existing ones (old: use=pass) or change the usernames to something new. As in http://unifaceinfo.com/forum/uniface-10-web-edition-1/error-while-installing-u10/

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  1. Hi Ulli, We will log this issue in our internal issue tracking system. The change we applied in the UF10 installer was to ensure that the default password would meet higher security standards. We understand that you may perceive this as a conflict in case you install Uniface 10 on a system where urouter/userver accounts were created previously using the default passwords as suggested by the Uniface 9 installer. The most likely course of action is that we will introduce new default usernames (e.g. urouter10, userver10) with the installer for the next Uniface 10 release.  Henk

    Author: Henk van der Veer (henk.van.der.veer@uniface.com)