How to view certain file formats in UnifAce?

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I'm programming an interface to an archiv system. Now I want to display document from the archive in UnifAce itself. First thought was an OCX, but one have to install the necassary DLLs and include for every format an OCX (or buy a multi-file OCX) Then I discover, that HTML could display "objects". Quick and dirty create a simple HTML and voila, Firefox will display the PDF-file Same HTML loading into a HTML field in UniAce "This plugin will not supported" What to do for showing (at least) PDFs in UniAfce? :-) Ingo


  1. Hi Ingo, what about integrating PDF.js into a Uniface HTML widget? Gianni

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  2. We have used Adobe XI as an OCX, but installing the new Adobe on the client breaks this. (They don't support com any more).  I tried with the HTML widget and loading the data as an object, but the interface was poor, and the support for functions too bad, I had to revert to the OCX. (See my wishlist about better connection to the cef browser to help with this).  I do think it's a shame there isn't a native support for PDF in Uniface, I'd have thought it was more universally used than the image formats which are supported. 

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  3. gianni said Hi Ingo, what about integrating PDF.js into a Uniface HTML widget? Gianni  

    Since the patch G303 the HTML widget can display a PDF using a CEF3 plugin (see here). E.g.

    F_HTML = "&file:///C:/temp/mydoc.pdf" Or:

    $fieldhandle(F_HTML)->$widgetoperation("loadURL","file:///C:/temp/mydoc.pdf")  Hope this helps. Daniel

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  4. diseli said

    F_HTML = "&file:///C:/temp/mydoc.pdf" Or:

    $fieldhandle(F_HTML)->$widgetoperation("loadURL","file:///C:/temp/mydoc.pdf")  Hope this helps. Daniel  

    Merci beaucoup :-)

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