Uniface 9 development license not valid for Uniface 10 ?

Author: dominique.roumegous@sabenatechnics.com (Dominique Roumegous)

Hello, I just downloaded Uniface 10.2 to have a quick look to it (I'm trilled to see a really new version of the UDE). Unfortunatly it seems that my Uniface 9 (node locked local) development license (that I use for UDE 9.4, 9.6 and 9.7) is not valid for Uniface 10.2 (I get a License not available message when starting the UDE). Do I have to request a new license ? Thanks for any insight.


  1. Hi Dominique, For the short term it's probably best to request a trial license at the Uniface 10 page on uniface.com. It's a very interesting page by itself already, and to request a trial license just scroll to the bottom and click on the Uniface 10 Free Trial button to request a 30 day trial license.  You can also contact your account manager and/or contact Uniface License management directly at license.management@uniface.com to request an upgrade to your existing license. When contacting license management directly, don't forget to attach your existing license file. Wishing you success with exploring the new IDE. We hope to hear back from you on this forum. For any questions on using or migrating to Uniface 10, please contact us via this forum. Regards, Henk van der Veer

    Author: Henk van der Veer (henk.van.der.veer@uniface.com)
  2. Hello, Thanks for the quick answer. I will do as you suggest and get a trial key as we don't plan to migrate immediatly to 10 (we planned to migrate to 9.7 first and I saw it's a required step to migrate to 10). Regards, Dominique Roumégous

    Author: Dominique Roumegous (dominique.roumegous@sabenatechnics.com)