[SOLVED] 9033 - Runtime error - Proc Stack Overflow

Author: gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com (gianni)

Hi Unifacers, A Uniface Developer on Uniface 9.6 is normalizing few components, all working on same entity; she is adding #include to avoid code duplication. That components set was regularly working when this activity started. Now, after adding about 35 #include for each component, while executing at runtime she is facing with: 9033 - Runtime error: Proc stack overflow. WOW! An error I've never seen before... Are those #include counting into Proc Stack? My gotfeel is NO...but I would like to hear from others... :-) Thanks in advance to anyone contributing... Gianni


  1. Hi Gianni,   You could be suffering from Bug:30629   Regards, Mike

    Author: Mike Taylor (michael.taylor@uniface.com)
  2. Hi Mike, thanks for that information. She had a lot of code digging. Effectively a mistake was done while substituing existing code with an include proc. This case is solved. Gianni

    Author: gianni (gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com)