[SOLVED] USYS Path Logicals not working

Author: lalitpct@gmail.com (lalitpct)

Below works fine usys:*.dol = /opt/dev/ap/sources/dol/chui/*.dol But to clean up the hardcoded path I need to use Logical path , which is not working with below changes.. =================== asn ==================== [FILES] usys:usysidx.frm = usysii_smart:sources/forms/chui/usysidx.frm usys:usys*.frm = usys:usys*.frm usys:*.dol = usysii_smart:sources/dol/chui/*.dol
================================================ ini file ================================================= cat /opt/uniface/setup/uniface/adm/usys.ini [paths] usys=/opt/uniface/setup/common/usys usysins=/opt/uniface/setup usyscom=/opt/uniface/setup/common usysuniface=/opt/uniface/setup/uniface javascript=/opt/uniface/setup/uniface/webapps/uniface/dspjs usysii_smart=/opt/dev/ap


  1. The USYS path logicals (including the the user-defined USYSxxx) can only be set on Windows with the ini file. On Unix/Linux the logicals have to be defined and set as environment variables. For details see the Uniface Library topic "USYS Path Logicals".

    And I'm not sure if the user-defined USYSxxx logicals can include an underscore in the name.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards, Daniel Iseli Uniface Technical Support

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  2. Thanks Daniel, I realized it doesn't take Underscore after removing iw works fine.

    Author: lalitpct (lalitpct@gmail.com)