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Author: frank.sjoukes@sogeti.com (Frank Sjoukes)

I moved an application to Uniface 9.7 and after compiling got the message:  warning:   1000 - Deprecated function '$workfilesize' used Uniface 9.7 help does not contain a reference to this function. Not even in the "What is changed". Does anybody remeber what this was?

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  1. This was (already) covered in the Migration Guide from Uniface 5 to Uniface 6. Wink

    "Memory management is performed by your environment (for example, Microsoft Windows). The assignment settings $BUCKET, $CB_VIRT, $MAXPRIM, and $WORKFILE are, therefore, no longer supported. In addition, the Proc functions $workfilesize, $wf1size, and $wf2size are no longer supported.


    V6.1 does not support the following UNIFACE Proc functions:

    * $workfilesize * $wf1size * $wf2size

    Editing these functions out of your Proc coding should not cause a problem for most applications because these functions are normally only used during development to measure the size of the virtual memory swap file or files.

    Your Proc coding will compile and run in V6.1 if you do not remove these functions, but the results will be different. For example, the $workfilesize function currently returns the number of 64 Kbyte segments requested from the operating system; we do not guarantee that this will not change.

    If you have used these functions in an application that has gone into production, remember that you have to rewrite those parts of your Proc coding if you upgrade the application to V6.1. " Hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel Iseli Uniface Technical Support

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)