[SOLVED] B193 Field Interface Template changed

Author: eitan@amital.co.il (hareitan)

B193 is a reserved Uniface Field Interface Template. We've suddenlly found it was changed from Data Packing C* to W*. Does anyone knows why?   Thanks


  1. These Interface Templates (in version 10 called Modelled Interface properties) are part of the Uniface DICT definitions and should therefore only be used as part of accessing the repository yourself.

    These definitions are used by Uniface and to serve enhancements, the definitions have changed. That is also why these definitions are marked as such in the reserved words section in the Uniface documentation.

    In this particular case the W* interface allows entering Unicode characters.

    Author: jonke (jonke.korzelius@uniface.com)
  2. Thank you

    Author: hareitan (eitan@amital.co.il)