[SOLVED] BUG: Formcontainer loses focus

Author: norbert.lauterbach@infraserv.com (Lauterbach)

I have a form with one formcontainer in it. In the execute-Trigger of the mainform I instanciate 4 forms witch can be displayed in the formcontainer : newinstance "F_OEK_TP", $DATA_OEK$ $DATA_OEK$->Exec() newinstance "F_RVA_TP_GEB", $DATA_GEB$ $DATA_GEB$->Exec() newinstance "F_RVA_TP_TB", $DATA_TB$ $DATA_TB$->Exec() newinstance "F_RVA_TP_TLE", $DATA_TLE$ $DATA_TLE$->Exec() ; Display $DATA_OEK$ in the formcontainer FORMCONT.EINGANG_RVA = $DATA_OEK$   Giving the focus to the formcontainer and change some data and store them works fine. This can be done more than one time and the focus will remain in the formcontainer as it should.   If you switch the application to Notepad or Excel for example, the formcontainer loses the Focus (this should not happen) and an other form will get Focus which is not displayed in the formcontainer. Switching back to uniface, the formcontainer has still the Cursor in the field I edited last (but the form does not have the Focus). I can change the value of the field, but I can not give the Focus to another field in the formcontainer. The changed value will also not be transfered to the mainform with a store. After giving the Focus to the mainform and then back to the formcontainer all fields in the formcontainer can be edited.   ---> The formcontainer should not lose the Focus if the application looses Focus.   Is there an "application looses Focus" and "application gets Focus"???   Kind regards Norbert Lauterbach

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  1. Just a quick update: Norbert apparently cannot see the above described problem anymore when using the version 9.7.03 patch G309 (or higher). Without having seen the issue myself, my best guess is that this problem might be related to the BUG#31453 (G202: Value Changed of field might not be fired after changing focus) that was fixed with the patch G307. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel Iseli Uniface Technical Support

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)