IDF bug: an empty form is shown...

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Hello, there is a strange bug in Uniface IDE (idf) for quite a long time. It's very hard to reproduce (it seems to happen only from time to time) and therefore still not fixed. Today seems to be my lucky day... I can (FINALLY!!!) reproduce it quite for sure. If I remember correctly, someone mentioned it here (or somewhere else?) so I'm not the only one facing this issue. Thet's why I post it here. Please, can anyone confirm that these steps lead to reproduce the bug? It's very hard to create a testset for the support, since you need several forms and with several entities and code. I do not want to waste my time to find the smallest testset. ;-) Here are my steps to reproduce:

  • open IDF
  • click form and open any form with an entity and inner entity
  • click on the inner entity on the paint tableau (this seems to be quite important)
  • click on a trigger (at the right-bottom) to show a code in it (for example Remove Occurence)
  • click on another trigger (for example Add/Insert Occurence)
  • on the left side, scroll-up and click on the form to select it (in the tree! not the paint tableau)
  • at the right-bottom click on Local Proc Modules trigger to show the code in it
  • at the left-bottom (in the Quick navigation) re-write the component name to any other existing form (which is not in the history yet) and hit the Tab key
  • ... now you can see that name of the form changes to Component template for a short period of time and then the empty paint tableau is shown and IDF seems to be in a very strange state (now I reccomend you to hit Esc immediately! :-))

  So please can anyone try this at his/her environment? BTW I'm using Uniface 9.6.05. Kind regards, Zdeněk

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  1. Hi Zdeněk, on (still my prime testing ground) it failes to reproduce, but I have dummy entities and the inner one uses the grid widget. Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

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