Component Editor in distress (loading wrong component)

Author: (-GHAN-)

hejsan (this is swedish btw),


i encounter some nasty happenings while using the component editor. Sometimes when i decide to open another component and type the component name in the field (upper right below the entries/operations/triggers) i don't get what i want:


i want to open the component "MYCOMPO" (which is unique of course) and Uniface delivers "MYCOMPO SERVERPAGE (TEMPLATE)" ...a bare naked component. Neither the component template nor the delivered component exists.


At this time i can't reproduce this effect. But this happens pretty frequently as i work.

Using V9.2.0.3 (unpatched yet) right now, but had this effect already on version before.

Can anybody confirm this?





  1. Hi Ghan,

    I confirm. :-) I believe this is pretty old bug in Uniface IDE, which happens pretty often in Uniface 8. Unfortunately, this was never fixed and as I can see, the same problem is even in Uniface 9. I personally do not use U9 on everyday basis...

    That field, which is part of history in IDE, is pretty tricky and I have decided several years ago just to completely ignore it. Life is much better now. :-P


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  2. Hi Zdenek,

    Thanks for the confirmation. Good to know that this isnt me going nuts :)

    Uh ... I really like that field! ... this one doesn't bore me with what TYPE of component i need allthough the names are unique within the components.

    I would really that to be fixed ;)



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