Printing on Generic/Text only missing FF

Author: (Thomas.Young)

Hi all,

bevor I open a call, maybe someone has already a solution or faced similar.

We have some application which print on dot-printers with endless paper. For that our customer use the GENERIC/TEXT ONLY Driver.

In Uniface 8.4.03. (D306) everythink works like expected, so Uniface add a formfeed at the end.

In Uniface 9202, 9301 (P103) and 9302 (P206) the linefeed at the end of the document is missing.

So the dot-printer doens't add a formfeed after a printing document.

It's no problem when you print single papers, but if you have endless paper it is a big problem.

You can note that if you print to a file and look at with a HEX-Editor. There is no "C0" (FormFeed) add the end, only a "0A" for LineFeed.


The device table (P_MSWINX) isn't change (only the META_xxx Tag is added).

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    since V7(?), Unifaces is padding pages with lines instead of sending a formfeed.

    But if you set in the PRATT a bottom marging of 1, the FF will be sent.

    Success, Uli


    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Uli,

    unfortunately the margin doesn't work.

    The only effect is that $lines is decreased with the margin value.


    I note a different between fix and variables modes (e.g. 0,100 or 66,132).

    If you have a fix mode Uniface add missing linefeeds according the whole page. If you have a flexible mode, it ends with only one linefeed.

    But in U9 there comes no FormFeed.


    For so far, I will open a call today and keep you informed.


    Best regards


    Author: Thomas.Young (
  3. Hi all,


    last investigation showed me, that it seems not a UNIFACE problem, not directly.

    There are some settings in the generic driver to specific codepage which seems reposible for losing the FF.

    So I added the FF command in the printing processor and it seems to work now.



    Author: Thomas.Young (