Delete Menu?

Author: (jfro)

We are migrating to Uniface 9.4.01. On this occasion I discovered menus which are not used anymore. I would like to delete these menus but cannot find how to do this.

- It seems I am not able to delete this menus. By using "Editors" "Library" "Menus" I can delete Items of these menus in using the "Delete"-button. But the Menu itself I cannot.

- When I press ">>" in the Details of an Item of my menus I discovered additional Drop-down Menus which are not used anymore for a long time. Here I didn't find any way as well to delete these.

Can somebody help me with these two problems?

Thanks a lot!






  1. Hi Jürg,

    the menues part is a bit tricky, because on the right-hand side you have 3 icons representing the type of menu (menu-bar, dropdown-menu,..)

    If you want to get rid of menues you know by name,
    I would use the "administration"=> "global action" component
    where you can "Edit"=>"Delete" whatever you like (be careful, it's really powerful)

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hello Uli

    Thanks a lot! It worked - not easy and comfortable but I could finally delete all I don't need anymore.

    A "1763 - erase error" seems to indicate that there is some reference of this object. When deleting in the correct order it is finally possible to delete all...

    Thank you!!



    Author: jfro (
  3. hi everyone, delete button ist just hidden. make sure you are in Define Menu Form, and than from File Menu choose Delete. thats all

    Author: dragan.opric (