How to read occurence from 3GL ?

Author: (palm.kevin)

Hi all,

I desperately am looking for a way to read all fields of an occurrence painted in my entity.
Basically I would like to have a "getlistitems/occ" but in my 3GL code... (C)

In the Uniface documentation I found the method ugget but it seems that this method only works on database fields... (This is not mentionned in the documentation but I discovered this behavior)

Does anybody know how to achieve the wanted behavior: Read from C all painted fields of an occurrence independently if the field is a database or non-database-field (regardless if DB- or dummy-entity)



  1. try ufget, ugget returns only fields which are on the fieldlist (or add the local fields to your fieldlist)


    Or add an operation to yoour component with the putlistitems/occ and start it via 3GL

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Uli,

    I would like to be able to read any entity from any component .

    The C extension has no knowledge of the fieldnames of the entity (thus cannot use ufget) nor of the operations defined in 4GL...

    The only information provided to my C extension method is the name of the entity and with that it should be able to read all fields of the current occurence of this entity... (associated list)

    Kind regards,


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  3. so it looks like this is a no-go-one.

    As long as no "insider" unveils another undocumented feature how to enumerate bound objects ?


    Perhaps if you talk to your local CPWR contact and provide enough "motivation" ???

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  4. have you experimented adding all fields to the fieldlist ??

    what happens with a user-defined one holding all your fields (even non-db?).

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