Double & seen instead of one in menus and messages

Author: (tandron)

In Uniface 9.3.02, after applying P225, when an & is part of the text in a message or menu, two are shown. Anyone else encountered this?





  1. Hi Tatiana

    Looks like this Bug:

    BUG 29383:  R116/P225: Percent sign is displayed as Ampersand in message
     Since the version 9.3.02 patch R116 and the version 9.3.02 patch P225 a Percent
     sign ("%") is shown as Ampersand ("&") in a message, the form or application

    You have to install P227



    Author: istiller (
  2. You are correct! I tested with P227 and the bug is gone. I am told by CPWR the impact is cosmetic only, which is good, because we can not affort to repatch and retest the system at this point.

    Thanks again for the info!



    Author: tandron (
  3. We are on 9.4.01 (R117) and i cannot figure out a way to get rid of the double && in our messages and window titles.

    If anyone has a hint please pass it along.



    Author: Samuel Kester (
  4. Hello Sam,

    Install the patch R119 and the problem should be resolved.

    For details see the bug info's on Frontline:

    And a list of all fixes included in R119 can be found here:

    I hope the provided information is helpful.

    Kind regards,

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