Mouse wheel moves contents of the form. (Solved R123)

Author: (st_cyz)

Today I saw a strange behavior at customer's office. He opened a form and retrieved data. Then he clicked on some fields in two tables.
When he turned the mouse wheel, whole contents of form moved down. Contents falls down and never back to top.
The only workaround is to maximize and restore the form. But after turning the mouse wheel, one can see the same behavior.
I tried to cleanup form layouts (left top setup menu, state tag), then I installed the latest patch P209.
I also deleted the State in Windows registry. The problem still persists.
We discovered this behavior only in two forms and on one particular PC (Windows XP), so it is difficult to create testset.
One form is rather complex, it uses grids and split bars. The other one is very simple, but I reproduced this behavior only once (in this simple form).
Is there anybody who is solving the same or similar problem?
Thanks Stanislav


  1. Hi,

    This problem occures with some additional running programmes or services. We got exactly the same problem while using  "Hardcopy" (?) in the background. Stopping this service, we solved the problem. There may exist some more programmes, which can cause this or similar irritations in combination with uniface. Good look in finding the originator... 



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  2. Stanislav,

    I could reproduce the problem in the UNIFACE lab and fixed this. The fix will be in R123, E103 and 9.6.01. Bug number 29582

    Hope this helps


    Jasper de Keijzer


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  3. Thank you Jasper,

    that's great news. I almost forgot about the issue.


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  4. Hi Stanislav,

    perhaps you as the owner can change the subject of your first posting to (solved R123) .....

    so it's easier for the community to see whats open and whats solved

    TIA, Uli

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  5. Why not


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  6. Thank you

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  7. Hi Jasper,

    thank you for this effort to keep us informed what happened with this forum issues.

    Especially the "will no longer happen after xxx" is very helpful indeed.


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