Error 0131 ..characterset not supported/allowed for Unicode chharacters

Author: (Hendrik Schmidt)

Hello, we have Uniface and Oracle DB we migrated the database characterset from WE8ISO8859P15 to AL32UTF8 using Oracles DMU ( Database Migration Assitant for Unicode). We set in the ASN's $DEF_CHARSET = utf8 $SYS_CHARSET = utf8 $WIDE_CHAR_BEHAVIOR = Unicode we changed in the repository the character field Definition from Cxxx or C* to Wxxxx or W* or U*  and MUL to FUL eg: update fare.ucfield set u_intf = replace(u_intf, 'C', 'W') where u_vlab = 'MR' and u_dtyp = 'S' and u_intf like 'C%' and u_flab <> 'U_VERSION'; update fare.ucfield set u_syn = replace(u_syn, 'MUL', 'FUL') where u_vlab = 'MR' and u_syn like '%MUL%'; commit; -> 1661 Zeilen aktualisiert. update fare.uxfield set INTERFACEMOD = replace(INTERFACEMOD, 'C', 'W') where ubase = 'MR' and INTERFACEMOD like 'C%'; -> 5916 Zeilen aktualisiert. update fare.uxfield set SYNTAXMOD = replace(SYNTAXMOD, 'MUL', 'FUL') where ubase = 'MR' and SYNTAXMOD like '%MUL%'; -> 3486 Zeilen aktualisiert. We recompiled whole Application   On one System we can now insert/save/query Unicode characters eg: Ҹҵ but in a 2nd System we still receive the  Error 0131 ..characterset not supported/allowed for Unicode chharacters At this Moment, we ran a Little bit out of ideas, what can be wrong or different between both Systems. Any ideas? many thanks in advanced Hendrik

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  1. Hi Hendrik, If everything being equal (same server, same Uniface Executable etc) - the difference would more than likely be on the PC itself - Oracle client would be my 1st guess, then language packs available / installed on the two different systems.... Turn on debug before you open the Oracle database, and you'll get version information about the client and the server... Hope this helps. Knut

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