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Hi UnifAce What about an integration of some kind of "user-points" into the IDF core "User points" in terms of "triggers". Each time a developer change something in a e.g. component, just before write to database, UnifAce "calls back" to proccode, that we (the user of the IDF) can write. Think about OCX and the events. In this trigger, I do have access to all necessary fields in UFORM&Co to do some action. May be just give the version control a hint, that something had happend. Or one can compare old ($dbvalue) and new context and insert a few comments. I'm doing programming for 30 years and our 4GL of that time could do such things. Why not UnifAce? Please UnifAce, do something to make us "normal" developer a litte more happy I promised, I will never ask for a UnifAce widget to be useful in a essert as Aad (Aad van Schetsen)  once said on a meeting :-) Ingo

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  1. Hi Ingo, I can promise you that you won't get that in Uniface 9 :-) But for Uniface 10 we have a discussion going on here: Your wish sound very much like a next step on what is being discussed there. Regards, Theo   (NB Work has started on the very first phase, a replacement for the Additional Menu.)

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