[SOLVED] Month Calendar

Author: jroberson@canberra.com (Joanne Roberson)

Has anyone created there own date/time calendar picker?  We were using MSCOMCTL.OCX, which doesn't work in 64 bit environment.  Our application is very time-driven, so the month calendar (while nice) is insufficient for our purposes?


  1. Hi Joanne, When googling 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' I see that this component is not exactly issue-free. Perhaps you'd like to try the Date Picker sample that uses a Uniface Popup form. It's in 'Downloads -> Uniface Samples', half way through the page (or directly downloadable through this link, make sure to read the readme file). Regards, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com)
  2. We ended up using  the DatePicker and added the time to the form.   Thanks Arjen.

    Author: Joanne Roberson (jroberson@canberra.com)
  3. Glad to be of help Joanne, my pleasure!

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com)