[SOLVED] Q: where to change the title of a report

Author: manfred.laterner@11er.at (mlaterner)

Hy everone,    i got a report which was duplicated from another report. And now i got the old "Title" in the XML-File export.    The origin report was called in component Name: kals_dt_r    desc: pk LS DT and the new component is called Name: lirekl_R       desc: ml REK DT   and in the XML-File of the report, i get the old title of the origin report: <OCC> <DAT name="UTIMESTAMP">2011-03-24T09:34:47.00</DAT> <DAT name="UCOMPSTAMP">2017-05-22T10:21:45.00</DAT> <DAT name="ULABEL">LIREKL_R</DAT> <DAT name="FTYP">Q</DAT> <DAT name="UDESCR" xml:space='preserve'>ml REK DT</DAT> <DAT name="WVPOS">0</DAT> <DAT name="WHPOS">0</DAT> <DAT name="WVSIZ">0</DAT> <DAT name="WHSIZ">0</DAT> <DAT name="CLRSCRN">N</DAT> <DAT name="UBORDER">N</DAT> <DAT name="UINHERIT">F</DAT> <DAT name="LIBRAR">CLAN</DAT> <DAT name="UTRANSACT">2</DAT> <DAT name="INIT" xml:space='preserve'>#Include &lt;TEMPLATENAME&gt;:</DAT> <DAT name="CLEAR">clear</DAT> <DAT name="RETRIEVE" xml:space='preserve'>retrieve <DAT name="RECORD" xml:space='preserve'>retrieve <DAT name="STORE" xml:space='preserve'>store <DAT name="DELET" xml:space='preserve'>erase <DAT name="ACCEPT" xml:space='preserve'>#Include &lt;TEMPLATENAME&gt;:</DAT> <DAT name="QUIT" xml:space='preserve'>#Include &lt;TEMPLATENAME&gt;:</DAT> <DAT name="ASYNC" xml:space='preserve'>#Include &lt;TEMPLATENAME&gt;:</DAT> <DAT name="GENERAL" xml:space='preserve'>#Include &lt;TEMPLATENAME&gt;:</DAT> <DAT name="FORMPIC" xml:space='preserve'>&uFRM;TYP=H&uSEP;NAM=HEADER.USYS&uSEP;WID=92&uSEP;HEI=13&uFRM; <DAT name="PERF">#DEF</DAT> <DAT name="TITLE" xml:space='preserve'>pk LS DT</DAT> <DAT name="SFUNC" xml:space='preserve'>operation PRINT i can´t find it in the menus or in the report functions where i can change this "TITLE". Because we use another programm and this wrong title is shown there. And i would like to change it, but not in that way that i export the Reports change it in editor and import it again. (thats nonsense)   Does anyone know where to change it?    kind regards  Manfred


  1. Title field is not used in Reports. Your old report was probably once created as a Form and then converted to a Report. This does not clear the fields that are not applicable for a report. In a Form it is the text that appears on screen in the title bar of the Form, a Report is not shown on screen and does not have a title bar.   If you really want to get rid of the title there are two options. 1) Convert the Report to a Form, right click on the Form background, select Form Properties, clear the Title field. Convert the Form to a Report. 2) Export the Report, remove the line from the export file, import the export file. 

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  2. Hi Manfred, I am not aware either of a TITLE field for reports. Take the short path: 1) Export to XML 2) Edit XML file 3) Import modified XML :-) Gianni

    Author: gianni (gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com)
  3. Thank you for the Information!    It could be, that the REPORT was a FORM a long time ago, but i don´t know it exactly.    Manfred

    Author: mlaterner (manfred.laterner@11er.at)