[SOLVED] $putmess

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

In a menu option I have the following code, designed to output proc tracing previously turned on by the user, so we can do some performance tuning.  variables string v_filename endvariables $proc_profiling=0 $proc_tracing = <false> $proc_tracing_addition="" filebox/save "*.txt" v_filename = $result lfiledump $putmess,v_filename $putmess = ""   Whilst the message frame is empty when viewed, and when $putmess is viewed in the debugger, there's noting in it, repeated use of turning this on and off again shows the original info in the output file with the new stuff appended (even if the filename is new, so the lfiledump $putmess is outputting all the information).  Is this right? The documentation states that $putmess="" clears the message frame. 


  1. just curious - I presume you've tried "clrmess"?? Knut

    Author: Knut (knut.dybendahl@gmail.com)
  2. No I hadn't. I have now, and this does indeed appear to clear the data so it is not saved again.    I was confused by the statement in the documentation that 

    • If a null string is assigned, the message frame is cleared.

    And assumed that was how the message frame was cleared, 

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)