Uniface 9.7 and HTML5 widgets w/ Ranorex

Author: ristolainen9@gmail.com (anttiristo)

Hey, we are upgrading soon into Uniface 9.7 and we are also looking to automate our testing. We are using html5 widgets. Have anyone succesfully managed to identify objects from html page inside html5 widget? We are using Ranorex as test automation software.

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  1. Hi Anttiristo, As far as I know Ranorex 6.2 gives CEF application whole accessibility with dom tree looks like.  Lower version than Ranorex 6.2, you can use uniface MSAA ini setting [upi] testmode=accessibility which opens the MSAA accessibility in html widget. This accessibility is provided by CEF. You can find the limitations like less accessibility than that in Ranorex 6.2. Regards, jiaojiao

    Author: jiaojiao (jiaojiao.xia@uniface.com)