Error with "USYSXSLT"

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Hi everyone,   We are dealing with a problem reported by a client. The xml validation of a file is failing.   $STATUS is 0, but the XML_OUTPUT is empty. I took a look to the log file and i found this:   (_execute) PC_XMLTRANSFORM:20 activate "USYSXSLT"."XMLTRANSFORM"( XML_INPUT , "%%PATH_TO_FILE%%XSL" , "RESULT" , XML_OUTPUT Non-DBMS file open: uiB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.uxml 7 Non-DBMS file open: s:\doc_salida_copia.xsl 7 Non-DBMS file open: uiB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.xsl 7 Non-DBMS file open error: uoB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.uxml Filesystem error: #2 ERROR=-4·;MNEM=<UIOSERR_OPEN_FAILURE>·;DESCRIPTION=Table or file open failure·;COMPONENT=USYSXSLT·;PROCNAME=XMLTRANSFORM·;TRIGGER=OPER·;LINE=84 Non-DBMS file open error: uoB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.uxml.ulog Filesystem error: #2  ERROR=-4·;MNEM=<UIOSERR_OPEN_FAILURE>·;DESCRIPTION=Table or file open failure·;COMPONENT=USYSXSLT·;PROCNAME=XMLTRANSFORM·;TRIGGER=OPER·;LINE=88 Non-DBMS file open error: uoB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.uxml.uret Filesystem error: #2  ERROR=-4·;MNEM=<UIOSERR_OPEN_FAILURE>·;DESCRIPTION=Table or file open failure·;COMPONENT=USYSXSLT·;PROCNAME=XMLTRANSFORM·;TRIGGER=OPER·;LINE=92 Deleting file: uiB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.xsl Deleting file: uiB2F4A545-D781-4335-8A3E-2DE4074F63FE.uxml"   What are these files? uxml,uret and ulog Where are they supposed to be located? Is it a problem about system or folder privileges?   Thanks in advance, Sergio

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  1. Hi Sergio, The mentioned files are generated by the module that is doing the XML transformation (which is a JAVA program). Once the transformation is finished Uniface will try to load the files with the transformed XML (uo*.uxml), the error context (uo*.uxml.ulog), and the error status info (uo*.uxml.uret). In version 9 Uniface should try to load the files from the working directory. Which exact version are you using? I've found some info that a problem with the Windows PATH variable (related to the location of the jvm.dll) caused issues in the past (that was with Uniface 8). But the details about this are a bit vague. Sorry. Maybe you could have a look with the troubleshooting tool Windows Sysinternals Process Monitor from Microsoft where Uniface tries to locate the mentioned files? Maybe that can give you clue what's going wrong here. Hope this helps. Daniel

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