DSP/WRD Config woes.

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

So, if I'm trying to write my first baby DSP, and I've defined a dummy table, with three editboxes and a textarea, and pasted them as a vertical table on the web layout editor, and I've set up the edit trigger to say :- public web webmessage/info " starting edit" edit And I run the URL through the browser, and can track the WRD through the debugger on the server running the webmessage and the edit, but nothing shows in the browser, no fields, no message, nothing, and view page source on the browser shows nothing, no body, nothing.  What have I failed to set up in our ini/asn files? Where should the css files etc be located.  We have web-services running fine, and the debugger shows it's running the code, I got an error message from the page until I added the public web to the edit trigger, and changing the message shows up in the debugger okay, so it's running the latest version.  This is not on my development machine directly, it's a server setup, so I basically need to know how to configure a 'deployment' server, although the .dsp files are (patently) in the right place... Iain

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