How to insert info into different DBs through a RESTful web service (DSP) called from a wordpress site.

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Hi everyone, i hope someone can help me with the following information: At the company i work for we have a wordpress website with several subdomains for each country we give our services. Currently we are unable to connect directly to our system data bases from this website, so i am in the making of a RESTful web service with a DSP to achieve this needed communication.  So, every country has a web form to send information to its respective data base, the thing is: How can i specify dynamically the Data Base where i need to insert this information through a DSP web service, if it is common for all the countries?. I hope i was clear enough to give you guys the basic idea of what i want to achieve.   Cheers,  Juan Bigorra

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  1. Hi Juan, I think you can programmatically change the DB you are connected to remapping the path ($SOMETHING) to a physical connection using the close and open instruction. Hope this helps... Best Regards, Gianni

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